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A residential township that aims to recreate a  living environment that blends together Nature, Satsanga without compromising on the quality standard of living,Thus along with  standard amenities like security, water supply, electricity ,shankaracolony colony has a Temple, Guru mandir,Satsang mandir, Gou shala  for spiritual well being.

Residing here will give you 5 big rewards

1)  Your parents will be happy to go back to their roots.

2)  Your children will experience our culture as they grow up.

3)  A  secure living with all amenities shall take care of the material needs.

4)  A serene , peaceful and spiritually uplifting environment will naturally aid your inner quest.

5)  In Presence of like minded people satsanga is attained naturally .This satsang becomes a stepping stone for jeevan mukthi.