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A piece of land at Shankara Colony is a small investment which will give 5 big rewards:

1) your parents will be happy to go back to their roots
2) your childhern will experence our culture as they grow up
3) a secure living with all amenities shall take care of the material needs
4) an serene and peaceful and spititally uplifiting environment will naturally aid your inner quest
5) In Presence of like minded people satsanga is attained naturally .This satsang becomes a stepping stone for jeevan mukthi

East facing and Corner sites 10% extra

Aditionally , A Refundable Deposit of Rs. 100/- Per sq.ft is to be paid towards SRI SHANKARA COLONY Welfare Association Membership fund, used for the construction & maintenance of public utilities like Temple, Multipurpose Hall, Veda Patashala etc. and also includes 10 years maintenance fee. In case of resale it is refundable to the existing owner on reimbursement by the new owner as per promoter's / Association guidelines

Why the refundable deposit?
Shankara colony can deliver the basic necessary infrastructure for Rs 975/-sqft, but we would like to ensure that it does not remain an ordinary residential layout.

Having begun with a unique concept with a lofty ideal behind it, in practicality we need the means to make it into a 3 dimensional reality.

The fund will be basically used for the design & construction of a Temple, Satsang Hall, & Goshala.

Apart from this, a corpus fund such as this will be beneficial to members of this colony in many ways such as:

  • Salary & welfare help to security and maintenance staff
  • Daily Puja fund to meet the expenses of Temple
  • Extension of temple
  • Maintenance of Goshala
  • Future water treatment and Sewage plants
  • If Hogenakal water is procured, laying of pipes, motor etc. for the entire colony.
  • For paying betterment charges to government if needed,in future.
  • Vedanta books library
  • Public address system at Multipurpose Hall.
  • EPABX & Video Conferencing, Broadband at the multipurpose hall.
  • Provision of Video Projection Equipment.

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